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Newsletter Index - 2008

12/14, Minimizing Spam - Never Respond to Spam, A Bad Economy is Good for Scammers: Work-at-Home Scam; Tips & Tricks:  Twenty Five Most Important Rules of Email Etiquette:  3. Do Not Default to Reply All,

12/7, Pearl Harbor Day; Changing the Present; Cookie Recipes; Package Tracker   Minimizing Spam – Stop the Forwarding Fiend, A Bad Economy is Good for Scammers: Technicians at your Home Scam; Special Feature:  Online Shopping Safety Tips; Tips & Tricks:  Twenty Five Most Important Rules of Email Etiquette:  2. Properly Formatted Email Replies; Keyboard Shortcut:  Fast Moves with the Arrow Keys, Copy and Paste

11/16, Thanksgiving; World Aids Day 2008; Spa Finder; Astrology; The Motley Fool; The Globalist; USPS   Minimizing Spam – Registering Online, A Bad Economy is Good for Scammers: Unpaid Fuel Bill Scam; Tips & Tricks:  Twenty Five Most Important Rules of Email Etiquette:  1. Take Another Look Before You Send a Message, Find Missing Desktop Icons

11/9, Veteran’s Day; Get Cash for Your Old Cell Phone; Road Trip Price Estimate; Flight Arrivals, Error Message 404, Minimizing Spam - Create a New Address, Contractor Scams, Get to the Desktop

11/2, Factcheck; Voterwatch; Votesmart   Buying a Webcam, Election Scams Go High-Tech, Tips & Tricks:  Alphabetize the Start Menu, Printer Shutdown

10/26, Happy Halloween !; All Saints Day; Crash Test; World Taxi Meter, What is Twitter?, Are Deleted Files Really Gone?, Avoiding Scams:  Work-At-Home Job Offers; Tips & Tricks:  Keyboard Shortcuts,

10/19, United Nations Day; Gas Prices; RetailMeNot; Text Message Reminders   Backing Up to a USB Drive, Shredding: A Key Weapon in Your Document Security and Identity Theft Prevention Strategies; Tips & Tricks:  Password Protect a File, Keyboard Shortcut for your Favorite Program

10/5, Columbus Day; October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month; Yom Kippur; Sukkot   Backing Up Your Files, Worst Email Scams, Internet Explorer Menu Bar

9/28, Rosh Hashanah; Movie Reviews; Astronomy Picture of the Day; Translation Website   Secure Passwords, Worst Email Scams; Tips & Tricks:  Create a Desktop Shortcut for Your Favorite Program, Internet Explorer Status Bar

9/21, HowStuffWorks; Europe Travel Guides; HubbleSite; New Scientist   Spyware, Worst Email Scams; Tips & Tricks:  Add a Sender to the Outlook Express Address Book, Internet Explorer Back and Forward Buttons

9/14, American Memory; Lastminute Auctions; Baby Names; Telephone Reminders   Dialog Box Controls, Worst Email Scams; Tips & Tricks:  Change Case in Word, Internet Explorer History

9/7, National Grandparents Day; Sports Illustrated; TimesMachine; Clip Art   Time for a New Computer?, Worst Email Scams; Tips & Tricks:  Change Your Home Page, Changing Font Size in Word

8/17, Service Beacon; TypeRacer; Remember The Milk; Labor Day   Prolonging the Life of Memory Cards, Worst Email Scams, Disk Stuck in Drive; Instant Message Acronyms

8/10, The Internet Movie Database; Carfax; Reminders; Wills and Living Trusts   Error:  Red X Instead of a Picture, Worst Email Scams; Tips & Tricks:  Website Address Shortcut, Microsoft Word:  Ending a Bulleted List

8/3, Do Not Call Registry; Influential Figures in American History; Smokey the Bear; The Butterfly Site, The Scroll Lock Key, CD and DVD Burners, Worst Email Scams, Windows Vista:  Turn Off Startup Sound

7/27, Coffee Facts; Life Magazine; NASA Solar System Exploration; Wildflowers   System Restore, Worst Email Scams, Windows Vista:  Turn Off IE Sounds; Windows XP:  Change Text Size

7/20, National Hotdog Day; Cheeseburgers; Hockey; Insults   Locating the Mouse Pointer, Worst Email Scams; Tips & Tricks:  Display Volume Icon, Windows Vista:  Change Text Size

6/22, Charity Watch; Product Reviews; The Dynamic Earth; Gas Prices   Creating an Email Signature in Hotmail, Printing This Newsletter; Tips & Tricks:  Links in Email, Installing a Printer without Disks

6/15, Fathers Day; History of Father’s Day; United States Newspapers; Super Cook; Fifty Ways to Help the Planet, Active Content, Email Signature in America Online, Social Security Scams, No More Mistakes!

6/8, Flag Day; BBC News; Epinions; Merriam Webster, Web 2.0, Email Signatures in Gmail, Beware of Credit and Debit Card Scams; Important Reminder:  Run Your Inkjet Printer, Turn Off Web Page Sounds

6/1, Quit Smoking; Coffee; Senior Citizens Resources   Email Signatures in Yahoo, Steps to Take if You are a Victim of Identity Theft; Tips & Tricks:  Google Movie Information, Annoying Forwarded Emails

5/18, Memorial Day; May Is Driver Safety Month; Baseball Reference; The Complete Work of Charles Darwin   Installing New Fonts in Windows Vista, Email Signatures; Tips & Tricks:  Google Area Code Lookup, Wireless Mouse

5/11, Mothers Day; Aging Well; Place U.S. States; Kings of Africa   Alphabetize Desktop Icons, Special Feature:   Identity Theft on the Internet – Protect Yourself Tip # 7: Never Use East to Guess Password; Tips & Tricks:  Google Reverse Phone Number Lookups, Changing Fonts in Outlook Express

5/4, Cinco de Mayo; Mothers Day; Neptune Ocean Observatory   Start Programs Automatically, Identity Theft on the Internet – Protect Yourself, Tip # 6  Never Leave Information on a Public Computer; Tips & Tricks:  Google Phone Directory; Important Reminder – Antivirus Auto Scans, Windows Vista Firewall

4/27, May Day; The Lighthouse Directory; Brain Training; Yoga Basics   Keyboard Shortcuts:  Text Selecting Tricks, Identity Theft on the Internet – Protect Yourself - Tip # 5:  Never Put Personal Information on an Insecure Website; Tips & Tricks:  Google Flight Status, Windows Vista:  Adding Desktop Icons; Email Printing Length

4/20, Passover; Earth Day; Our Solar System; Home Envy   Attaching a File to an Email – Optimum Online Web Mail, Identity Theft on the Internet – Protect Yourself, Tip # 4 Never Click on Pop Up Advertising Windows; Tips & Tricks:  Google Facts, Windows Vista:  Removing Desktop Icons

4/13, April 15: Income Tax Day; Obsolete Skills; Seafood Watch   Attaching a File to an Email – America Online, Identity Theft on the Internet – Protect Yourself, Tip #3  Never Post Personal Information Online;  Tips & Tricks:  Google Measurement Conversion, Windows Vista:  Creating Program Icons

4/6, Fix-it Club; Word a Day; World's Healthiest Foods; Rainbows   Attaching a File to an Email – Gmail, Special Feature:  Identity Theft on the Internet – Protect Yourself  Tip #2  Beware of Phishing Attempts; Tips & Tricks:  Windows Vista - Putting Files on a CD, The Speaker Icon

3/30, Price Comparisons; April Fools Day; Birthdays; Wikitravel   Outlook Express - Attach Files Using Drag and Drop, Identity Theft on the Internet – Protect Yourself
Tip #1  Never Put Personal Or Financial Information In An Email; Tips & Tricks: Windows Vista: Add a Second Time Zone to Your Clock, System Sounds

3/16, Easter; Health Inspections; Recipezaar; Changing the Face of Medicine; Encyclopedia of Television   Attaching a File to an Email – America Online, New IRS Scams; Tips & Tricks: Alphabetize the Start Menu, Copying and Researching Error Messages

3/9, Eye Witness to History; AstroMeeting; Roadside America; DTV Answers; Debt Reduction Calculator   Attaching a File to an Email – Windows Mail, Drive-Up Pharmacy Windows Contribute To Rx Errors; Tips & Tricks:  Google Worldwide Clock, Auto Change Your Computer’s Clock for Daylight Savings Time

3/2, Good News; Chocolate; Green Expander; History of Car Logos   Attaching a File to an Email – Outlook Express, Seniors Should be Wary of Reverse Mortgage Scams; Tips & Tricks:  Google Weather, Error Message - Page Cannot Be Found

2/24, Guide to Happiness; Kids Health; Go Fish!; Best Portal into History, Start Orb, Attaching a File to an Email – Hotmail, Watch Out for Free Offers; Tips & Tricks:  Google Calculator,

2/17, Presidents Day; Top Ten Most Expensive Cars in the World; Fruits and Veggies; Smithsonian Photography   Windows Vista - Change Desktop Color, Social Security Scam Targets Seniors; Tips & Tricks:  Google Stock Watch, Attaching a File to an Email – Yahoo; Changing the Desktop Picture in Windows XP

2/10, Abraham Lincoln, Collected Works; Valentine’s Day; Beautiful Trees; Sharp Brains   Windows Vista: Change Desktop Wallpaper, Protect Yourself against Online Identity Theft; Tips & Tricks:  Google Dictionary; Valentine’s Day Virus, Lost Menu Bars

2/3, Official Site of Super Bowl XLII; Super Bowl History; The Official Site of the New York Giants; Official Website of the New England Patriots; Mardi Gras; Ash Wednesday   Windows XP Fax, Protect Yourself against Identity Theft; Tips & Tricks:  Windows Explorer Menu Bar in Windows Vista, Outlook Express Disk Space Message

1/27, Groundhog Day; Organize Your Life; RX List; How Products are Made; For the Kids:  Homework Spot   Vista Windows Flip, Car Warranty Scams Target Seniors; Tips & Tricks:  Internet Explorer Keyboard Shortcuts, File Preview; Email Read Receipts

1/20, Martin Luther King, Jr.; History of the American Circus; Worst Movies Ever; Don't Get Sick!!   Vista Time Limit Controls, Charity Scams to Avoid; Tips & Tricks:  Rename a File, Sizing Windows

1/13, Coffee Drinks Illustrated; On This Day in History; The Daily Coyote; Translation   Program Patches, Scam Targets Elderly Seeking Tax Help; Open Programs More Conveniently, CD Drive Type

1/6, Elvis’ Birthday; Silent Era; Back Support; Census Info; Pie Recipes; New Years Resolutions   Windows Service Packs, Home Improvement Scams; Top Ten Scams of 2007; Tips & Tricks:  Don’t Let Your Printer Ink Cartridge Dry Out, Program Version Numbers

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