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Newsletter Index - 2006

12/10, Write a Senior Citizen; Public Radio Fan; Test Your Geography Knowledge; Calendar History; Human Rights Day, Microsoft Word: Change Page Orientation, Speed Up Websites, Recovering Deleted Files; Finding Downloaded Files; The Difference Between Save and Save As; Stop Website Animation,

12/3, Pearl Harbor Day; Conversion Calculator; Drug Digest Drug Interactions, Available Disk Space, Phone Phishing; Tips & Tricks: The End Key, Microsoft Word – Changing Paper Size,

11/19, Thanksgiving; Car Buying Tips; WebMD Drug Index; Women in American History, Computer Tasks,

11/12, Thanksgiving; Common Cold; New 7 Wonders; World City Photo Archive, Previewing Pictures, Print in Black and White, Cleaning the Mouse,

11/5, How Gas Prices Work; The Recipe Link; The Color Test; Human Anatomy Online, Downloading Files from the Internet, Drop Down List Box Shortcuts; Tips & Tricks: Quick Dictionary,

10/29, The Science of Cooking; This To That - Gluing 101; Find Law; Human Biology, Print Part of an Email, The Keyboard,

10/22, Trivia; Sole Mates - The Century in Shoes; Net Lingo; Halloween, Windows Power Management, All About Bookmarks and Favorites; Tips & Tricks: Quick Switch Between Maximize and Restore, Increase Email Text Size,

10/15, Digital Ballparks; Truth in Email; Three Centuries of Italian Art; The Virtual Cave, Changing the Screen Resolution, Slow Downloads; Tips & Tricks: Save a Picture from a Web Page,

10/8, Join the Fight Against Breast Cancer; Breast Cancer Awareness Month; What's That Stuff?; Best of History Websites; All Nature; Famous Trials, Folder Views, Security Freeware, Outlook Express Mail Formats,

10/1, Yom Kippur; WebMD, Microsoft Word AutoCorrect, Putting Files on a CD-ROM Disk, Deleting Old Files,

9/24, Embassies of the World; Centers for Disease Control and Prevention; Merriam-Webster Word of the Day; Consumer Search, Email Website Links, Website Desktop Shortcut; Tips & Tricks: Keyboard Shortcut: Context Menu, Keyboard Shortcut: The Menu Bar,

9/17, The Library Spot; Country Reports; The Symphony, Internet Explorer AutoComplete, Adjusting the Computer Clock; Tips & Tricks: Quick Change Text Size, Remove Old Web Addresses,

9/10, Does it Work? Product Testing; Restaurants; IQ Tests; Radio Stations, Skins, Formatting Text, Word Processing: Margins, Changing Paper Size,

8/6, Pets Welcome; Comparative Shopping; AutoWeb; Collectibles; Bankrate, Clean Up the Start Menu, Warning: A New Scam; Choosing a Good Password; Tips & Tricks:  America Online Spam Folder , Outlook Express Blocked Attachments,

7/30, The Birders Network; Space Station Locator; LibrarySpot; Father-In-Law Day, Server, Run or Save, Non-Responsive Computer; Tips & Tricks:   The F1 Key,

7/23, Hoaxbusters; Info Please; Math in Daily Life; Ouija Boards, Insert and Overwrite, Warning: A New Scam, The Shut Down Process,

7/16, Mail 2 Web; Pearls; FirstGov for Seniors; Epinions, The Character Map, Defrag Does Not Work, Fixing a Frozen Computer,

7/9, Vision 101; Just for Fun - Games; The Recipe Link, The Windows Key, Printing Picture Thumbnails, Outlook Express Blocked Attachments, Check Email on Vacation,

7/2, Independence Day, Close Preview Pane in Outlook, Getting a Good Printed Picture; Tips & Tricks:   Keyboard Shortcuts, Rename Multiple Files,

6/25, Electric Money; Public Record Directory; The Nobel Prize; Word a Day, Speed Up a Slow Computer,

6/18, Fathers Day, Tip of the Day, Changing the Default Font in Email: America Online and Outlook Express; Changing the Default Font in Internet Explorer,

6/11, Flag Day; Find Magazine Articles; Acronym Finder; Human Anatomy Online, Email Address Auto Complete, Caps Lock Alarm, Windows Power Management; Changing the Default Font in Word,

6/4, Gas Price Watch; Barbecue; 70s Movies, Toggle Keys, Viewing Fonts, Print Only Part of a Page; Tips & Tricks: Frozen Computer,

5/21, Memorial Day, External Drives, Finding Files; Tips & Tricks: Microsoft Word – Select the Whole Document, Hard Drive Info,

5/14, Mothers Day, Minimizing Spam, Desktop Auto Arrange; Hard Drive Used and Available Space; Creating Desktop Icons; Putting Files on a CD,

5/7, Gasoline Prices: Comparison Shopping; Copy Kat Recipes; Time Capsules; Used Cars, Path, Social Networks, Outlook Express Settings, Print Part of a Page; Using Links; Locking Toolbars,

4/30, Monday is May Day; Hindenburg; Sunscreen; Cinco de Mayo, CC, Restore Internet Explorer Default Settings, Microsoft Word: Hard Spaces; Keyboard Shortcut: Undo, Print in Black and White,

4/23, Arbor Day; The Seven Wonders: Other Wonders; Top Fifteen City Skylines, Website Error Codes, Calculator; Tips & Tricks: On Screen Keyboard, Disable Error Reporting,

4/09, Easter; Passover; Palm Sunday, Address Book Contacts and Groups, Newsletter Article Update: Increase Text Size; Favorite Web Pages at Startup; Tips & Tricks: Delete Favorites; Restore Volume Icon; Open Multiple Programs,

4/2, Traveling with your Pet; Antique Cameras; Volcanoes, File Size Lingo, Microsoft Word Office Assistant Tip of the Day; Tips & Tricks: Increase Text Size, Turn off Desktop Cleanup Wizard,

3/26, April Fools Day; Planning a Trip, Find Specs for Your Computer, Minimize Junk Mail; Tips & Tricks: Microsoft Word – Reduce the Clutter, Change Icon Names; ROM Disks – Turn Off Auto Start,

3/19, Sunrise, Sunset; City Town Info; Understanding Money, Blogs, Remove Newly Installed Programs Highlight, Microsoft Word – Bullets; Tips & Tricks: Delete Favorites, Downloading: Run vs. Save,

3/12, St. Patricks Day; West Point; The Helpful Gardener; The Common Cold, Scan Downloaded Files, The F4 key; Tips & Tricks: Google for Definitions; Microsoft Word - Quick Page; Microsoft Word Word Count,

3/5, Multiple Antivirus Programs, Outlook Express Font Change; Tips & Tricks: Word Quick Double Space, Recycle Bin Capacity; Outlook Express Address Auto Add,

2/26, Antarctica: Secrets of the Ice; Moderntime: Classic Films Pages; Paycheck City; The History of Money; Mardi Gras; Ash Wednesday, Blocked Email Attachments, Printer Cleaning; Tips & Tricks: Organize Outlook Email, Full Screen Windows,

2/19, Presidents' Day; Health Information; Bozo Criminals; Product Reviews; Headline News, Icon Text Background, Filenames; Tips & Tricks: The Scroll Wheel and Internet Explorer, Organizing Icons,

2/12, Valentines Day; Knots; Life Clinic; Dictionary, Front Slash and Back Slash, Drive Letters, Quick Minimize; Tips & Tricks: Select All, Double Spacing,

2/5, Superbowl; Origami; Urban Legends Reference Page, The Menu Key, Important Reminder: Tips to Avoid Online Scams; Internet Explorer Settings – Prevent Home Page Hijacking; Tips & Tricks: Forward an Email without the Other Email Addresses, File Name Characters to Avoid,

1/29, FreeCycle; Neighborhood Profiles; Chinese New Year; Groundhog Day, Computer Dictionary, Insert Sounds in Email, Microsoft Outlook: Forwarding Emails, America Online - See if Someone Read Your E-mail; Homepage Hijacking,

1/22, Birthday Database; National Weather Service Photo Library; Do Something, Send Website Link via Email, Turn Screen Saver Off, Red Xs in Emails,

1/15, Martin Luther King Jr.; Shoveling Snow, Computer Slow Downs,

1/8, On The Snow; Elvis Presley; Strange Magazine, Rename a File, Window Open States; Tips & Tricks: Quickly Delete Your Email, Spyware,

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