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Newsletter Index - 2005

12/18, The Holidays, Picture CDs, Warning for Online Shoppers; Tips & Tricks: Highlighting Text, Remove Unwanted Symbols from Email;  Skip the Recycle Bin, Public Records Directory; Soyouwanna; Package Tracker

12/11, The Holidays, Tricks with Internet Explorer Favorites, Undo; Tips & Tricks:  Quick Maximize and Restore, Stop Disk Auto Startup, Newspapers Online; Merck Manuals; Modern Physics; Healthy Fridge

12/4, Site Not Found, Microsoft Word - Drag and Drop with the Right Mouse Button; Tips & Tricks:     Rename, Stop Microsoft Error Reporting, HELP: Information for Older Adults; Drug Identifier; Geological Time: The Story of a Changing Earth; Kidsnewsroom

11/20, Hard Dive Information, Printing Web Pages; Tips & Tricks:   Keyboard Shortcuts:  The Start Menu; My Computer; Windows Search, Get Icons Back, Thanksgiving; Recipes; Ecology for Kids

11/13, Creating Desktop Icons, Print in Black and White; Static Electricity Warning; Tips & Tricks: Easy Email Attachments, Make Websites Easier to Read, Useless Information; Gemstones; World Clock; The Greatest Films

11/6, My Recent Documents, Sp am Filtering - Killing The Patient To Cure The Disease?; Tips & Tricks:  Quickly Minimize All Open Windows, Change Your Home Page, Veteran’s Day; The History of Snoopy; Making the Modern World

10/30, CD Burning Basics, Microsoft Word - Print Text Larger, Move a Program to the Start Menu, Fall Foliage Reports; Halloween

10/23, Notepad, Insert and Resize Pictures in Email; Tips & Tricks:     Arrange Icons, Punctuation Made Simple; Halloween

10/16, MP3, Email Help, Internet Explorer – Full Screen; Tips & Tricks:    Quick File Count, Software Version Numbers, Live Science; United States; American Journeys; Traditions of the Sun

10/9, Secure Servers, Stop Email Filtering; Tips & Tricks:    Quick File Count, Email Drafts; Spyware Removal, Columbus Day; Yom Kippur

10/2, Cleaning the Monitor, Web Address Shortcut; Tips & Tricks: Webpage Search; Keyboard Shortcut:  Right Click Menu; Keyboard Shortcut:  Menus; Keyboard Shortcut:  Favorites, United States Newspapers; Barbie Dolls; The Honey Expert; Garage Sales

9/25, Cleaning the Mouse, Organizing the My Documents Folder; Tips & Tricks:     The Home Key, Howdy Doody Time; The Science of Gardening; Health for Kids

9/18, IP, Drives, Sizing the Control Buttons; Tips & Tricks:     Windows Service Pack 2, Outlook Express:  Window Size and Position, Herbal Safety; Chocolate; Tea; Woodworking

9/11, Partition, Script Debugging, See Pictures Before You Insert in Email, Delete Email Without Opening, Poker Tips; The Circus; Scrapbooking

8/28, Web Based Email, Folder Searches, Hoaxed Again; Tips & Tricks: Website Icons, Labor Day; American Garden Museum

8/21, Questions & Answers

8/14, Run or Save, View Attachments Without Downloading; Tips & Tricks: Set Your Home Page, Apply or OK, Color Diamond Encyclopedia; Victor Victrola Phonographs; Legends; Theme Park Insider

8/7, Turn Off Auto Complete, More Screen Space, Keyboard Shortcut: Open the Start Menu, Scan Individual Files for Viruses, Turn off Internet Access, You Can Help Kids, Netsmartz Kids, Happy News

7/31, Page Expired, Safe Mode, Insert a Picture in an AOL Email, Sizing Taskbar Icons, Take Me Fishing, Renaissance Faires

7/24, Cursor, Fix a Frozen Computer, Phishing Warning, Quick Text Sizing, Bypass Windows Welcome Screen, Lance Armstrong, Steam Locomotives, Optical Illusions, Congressional E-mail Directory

7/17, Detecting Spyware Programs, Change Icons to Single Click, Open a Link in a New Window, The Aviation History Online Museum, Solar Folklore, Library of Congress Map Collections

7/10, Degauss, Consistent Folder Views, Print Favorites, Stop Internet Animations and Music, Power Management, Tornados, Al Jolson, AstroMeeting, Spider Myths

6/26, Filtering, Hibernate, Saving Email, Deleting Favorites, Independence Day, Flag Rules and Regulations, Fireworks Safety

6/19, E-Mail Headers, Disable Desktop Cleanup Wizard, Protect Yourself from Fraudulent Emails, Creating a New Folder in a Program, Special Characters, Father’s Day

6/12, DPI, Reorder Programs Menu, Shut Off Outlook Express Auto Populate, Disk Cleanup Shortcut, Imagination, Ancient Mexico, The Bug Guide

6/5, Windows Hot Fixes, Cell Phone Hoax Email, Scan Disk, Open Multiple Programs at Once, The Marx Brothers, Owls, Hummingbirds

5/22, Downloading vs. Uploading, Clear My Recent Documents, Top Five Latest Phishing Scams – Protect Yourself !, Check for Unknown Programs, Print a Picture on a Web Page, Memorial Day

5/15, Wizard, Hide the Taskbar, Close Multiple Programs Quickly; What's This?; Context Menu, Turn Off Microsoft Error Reports; Close Browser Toolbars; Check Email on Different Computers, Brain Explorer; Gardening Database; Solemates: The Century in Shoes; Adventure Network

5/8, Configuration, Recycle Bin Tips and Tricks; Quick Font Size Change; Fast Moves with the Arrow Keys; Selecting Text with the Arrow Keys, Move, Copy or Create a Shortcut, Mother's Day; U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission; Classic Movies

5/1, Grabber, Auto Complete, Old Computer Disposal;  Windows Key Shortcuts, Caps Lock Alarm , Safety Rules for Kids on the Internet; United States Game; Free Public Records Directory

4/24, System Administrator, Modems – Dial Up, DSL, Cable and Wireless, Web Bugs; Selecting Text; Internet Explorer Bookmarks, Windows XP Desktop Icons, Passover; Babe Ruth; Etymology Dictionary; American Museum of Photography; Arbor Day; Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day

4/17, Picture Information, Detecting Scam Websites; Finding Downloads; Open a New Browser Window; Switch Between Open Programs, Turn Off Website Music and Animations; Print AOL Address Book; Airline X-RAYs – Effects on Digital Cameras, Passover; Earth Day; World Mysteries

4/10, Website Redirect, Arranging Desktop Icons, Malicious BHOs; Tips & Tricks: Select a Block of Text , Slow Cable Connection; Check Email Away From Home, Thomas Jefferson; April 15th – Income Tax Day; You Grow Girl; Virtual Fish Tank

4/3, Non-Responsive Computer, Download a File; Tips & Tricks: Quick Text Select, Quick Desktop Access – Windows XP; Sort Email in Outlook; Adjust Your Computer’s Clock, Daylight Savings Time; Lighthouses: A Photographic Journey; Fire Island Lighthouse; The Spaghetti Book Club; Tiddlywinks

3/27, Easter, Easter Eggs, The Clipboard, Proper Shutdowns; Tips & Tricks: Quick Maximize, Tiled Windows; Copy From PDF Files,

3/20, Windows XP Account Picture, Email Address Favorite; Tips & Tricks: Quick Save, Scan Disk and Error Checking; Email Search, Palm Sunday; The Planetary Society; March is National Women’s History Month

3/13, Create a My Documents Toolbar, Quick Home Page Setup; Tips & Tricks: Quick File Delete, Available Disk Space; Counting Files and Folders; Print Web Pages Without Backgrounds, Women’s History Month ; American Red Cross Museum; Flight Information; Allergies; St. Patricks Day

3/6, Fancy Mouse Pointers, Knowing What Info Interests Identity Thieves; Prevent Identity Theft; Tips & Tricks: Quick Minimize, Forwarding Email Without All Those Addresses; Remove Background Color from Icon Label; The Right Mouse Button, Author Recommendations; Insects; What's For Dinner; Pirates

2/27, Print Internet Favorites; Copy and Paste; Check Email While Traveling; My Briefcase; Resizing Icons; Missing Clock; Save Files on a CD, Medical Resource; Grocery Shopping List; Ask an Expert; New York City Subway Map; Silly Putty

2/20, Taskbar vs. Toolbar, Color Code Email by Recipient, Resize the Taskbar; Tips & Tricks: Beware of Fake Security Warnings, Changing a Window’s Restore Size, Presidents Day; Sneakers; Movie Making; Fixing Appliances

2/13, Insert and Overtype Modes, Temporary Internet Files; Tips & Tricks :Display the BCC Line , Using Multiple Anti-Virus Programs, Valentine's Day

2/6, Files – Kilobytes and Megabytes, Important Reminder - Avoid Internet Scams; Changing Window Views; Tips & Tricks: Outlook Address Book; Tips & Tricks: Create a Desktop Shortcut in Windows 98, Disposing of Old Computers; Using Older Programs in Windows XP, Mardi Gras; Ash Wednesday; Mythology; Megaliths

1/30, America Online – Send a Picture in an Instant Message; Outlook Express: Attach a Picture to an Email; Yahoo: Attach a Picture to an Email; America Online: Attach a Picture to an Email, February is African-American History Month; Groundhog Day

1/23, Beta Program, Canceling a Print Job, Desktop Properties; Tips & Tricks: The Useful Run Window, Remove Windows Sounds; Send Links in an Email, The Art of Shoveling Snow; All About Snow; AARP - Shovel Snow Safely; Treasures of the World; Nutrition Facts

1/16, Computer Dictionary; Martin Luther King’s B’Day, Computer Acronyms, Change the Desktop Color, The Office Assistant; Tips & Tricks: Keyboard Shortcuts - Copy and Paste , USB Flash Drive; Internet Search Engines, Harry Houdini; Pet Education; Asian Recipes; Celebrity Corner; Whatever Happened To?

1/9, Insert Today’s Date, Password Security; Tips & Tricks: Outlook – Check for New Email, Disable MSN Messenger, Best Places To Live; Concierge; Email Translator; Transistor Radios

Computer Kindergarten is a registered trademark of Sharper Training Solutions, Inc.  All rights reserved.  Use of the Computer Kindergarten name without express written permission from Sharper Training Solutions, Inc. is in violation of US Federal Trademark Laws.

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If you live on Long Island, you can take one of the hands-on computer classes that we present at libraries and community centers.

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