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Newsletter Index - 2004

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12/19, Windows Hotfix, Improve Your Digital Photos, Holiday Shopping Online; Shopping Online with Credit Cards, Printer Off Colors, Online Typing Test; Pop History; Monterey Bay; Name that Movie

12/12, Put Favorites on Your Taskbar, Change a Filename , Using Folders, Car Safety; Jigsaw; Last Name Frequency; One Look Dictionary; The Best, The Holidays

12/5, Computer Safety Precautions, Shopping for High Tech Gadgets; Shop Safely Online, Changing the Default Font in Word, The Holidays

11/28, Browser Hijackers, Finding Downloaded Files; Context Sensitive Help, Change Desktop Fonts; Save Emails; Disk Size and Capacity, The Holidays

11/21, Windows XP User Accounts, , Memory; Hard Disk; Windows Version; Disk Speed, Thanksgiving

11/14, Email Signatures, Creating Folders and Moving Files; Tips & Tricks:  Mouse Pointer Schemes, Download Warnings; Windows Messenger, The Great American Smokeout; America Recycles Day; Crafts

11/7, Dress Up Your Email, More About Phishing; Tips and Tricks: Maximize or Restore; Keyboard Shortcuts: Windows , Adjust Mouse Speed; Reinstall Windows; Missing Icons, Veteran’s Day; Health, Get Rid of Pop Up Ads; The Holidays

10/31, Contextual Menu, Phishing, Shut Down, Leave on or Hibernate?; Read-Only Tips & Tricks:  Show Desktop, Zipped Files; Anti-Virus Updates – Should I Download Them?; Watermark, Halloween

10/24, Address Labels for Holiday Cards, Online User Name and Password Security; Protect Your Privacy on the Internet; Tips & Tricks: Print in Black; Keyboard Shortcut: Turn Off the Computer, Remove Email Addresses From Blocked Senders List, Election Issues; Phone Books and Online Directories; History of Computers; Just for Fun - Railroad Tycoon

10/17, Plug and Play, Automatic Updates from Microsoft, ATTENTION OPTIMUM ONLINE USERS; Alphabetize Email; Tips & Tricks: Customize Toolbars in Outlook Express, Virus Threats, Eye Witness to History; Time Capsule - Your Birthday; Candy USA; Just Move Fitness Center; How Far Is It?

10/10, America Online - Remove Old Website Addresses, Tips & Tricks:  Saving Websites Pictures; Tips & Tricks:  Open Multiple Internet Explorer Windows; Keyboard Shortcut: Close Internet Explorer; Tips & Tricks:  Internet Explorer Word Search, Changing Column Width in Excel; Internet Explorer - Increase Text Size, Columbus Day; National Hispanic Heritage Month; Antiques; Calendars

10/3, Remove Old Website Addresses, Open Outlook Attachments; Windows XP - Create your own Screen Saver Slideshow Keyboard Shortcut: Outlook - New Email Window, Deleting Email Quickly; America Online – Recover Deleted Email, October is Adopt a Shelter Dog Month; U.S. States; The Fitness Files; Language Translations

9/26, Blog, Password Protect Your Computer, Saving Email, Keyboard Shortcuts: Formatting, Internet Explorer Status Bar, Join the Fight Against Breast Cancer; Fads; Fall Foliage Reports

9/19, Check Email Away from Home, Shorten Website Addresses; Tips & Tricks:  Microsoft Outlook – Inbox Icons; Keyboard Shortcut: Double Space a Word Document, Word Auto Correct, Yom Kippur; Tongue Twisters; License Plates of the World; Inventors and Inventions; NASA Planetary Image Archives

9/12, Email Virus Notifications, Tips & Tricks:  Add a Favorite to the Start Menu; Tips & Tricks:  Alphabetize the Start Menu Tips & Tricks:  Create an Email Icon Tips & Tricks:  Delete Junk Email Quickly, Edit Outlook Email Addresses, Grandparents Day; Jeopardy; History of the Internet; Art History on the Web

8/29, Head Crash, Cut, Copy and Paste, Taskbar Troubles: Hidden Taskbar; Moving the Taskbar; Tips and Tricks: Outlook Express Driving Directions; Tips and Tricks: Deleting Lots of E-Mail; Tips and Tricks: Selecting Multiple Objects, Buying a New Computer, Technology Reviews; Cats; United States Quiz; Food Nutrient Database; Labor Day, Check the Weather Report

8/22, System Unit, Using Floppy Disks, Windows XP User Accounts, Windows XP – My Documents Icon, Photojournalism; Amateur Consumer Reports; Professional Consultants; Lonely Planet Travel Info

8/15, Tips & Tricks: Check Email While Away from Home; Deleting Favorites; Special Symbols; Outlook Express – Change Email Name; Sorting Email; Close a Full Screen Pop-Up, The Olympics

8/8, Stop Pop Ups and Minimize Spam, Old Wives Tales and New Technology; Tips & Tricks: Delete Multiple Emails, Attached Pictures: X Instead of Picture; Finding Search Engines, Virtual Hospital; Understand Your Dog; The Renaissance Connection

8/1, Change the Screen Resolution, The Print Screen Key, Auto Hide the Taskbar; Size the Taskbar, Air Traffic Control; Dining on the Road; Early Audio Recordings; Sci Fi to Reality

7/25, USB Flash Drive, Resizing Icons, Finding, Downloading and Installing Fonts, Saving Email; MP3 Players, 100 Wonders of the World; Lance Armstrong; Microsoft’s Spam Fighting Suggestions; Just for Fun

7/18, Outlook Express – Read Receipts, Start Programs Automatically, Windows XP - Desktop Cleanup; Tips & Tricks:  Windows XP - Changing Your Desktop Icons, America Online – Email a Website Link, Movietone Portraits; Dream Analysis; 20 Questions; National Hot Dog Day, The Difference Between Save and Save As

7/11, Internet Explorer Keyboard Shortcuts, Capture Your Screen, Pin to Start Menu; Transfer Old Records to CD, Dive and Discover: Expeditions to the Seafloor; Arcade Games; Paper Airplane Flight Simulator; July is National Ice Cream Month, Check Email While Away From Home

6/27, Spyware, Internet Scams; Check Available Disk Space; AOL Freezes, Sort Email in Outlook, Independence Day; Flag Rules and Regulations; Fireworks Safety; Word Puzzle; Aerial Images, Getting Out of Trouble - Fixing a Frozen Computer; Block Annoying Pop Up Windows; Customize and Cleanup Your Desktop

6/20, Accelerator Key, Remove Icons and Organize Your Desktop, Phishing; Tips & Tricks:  Internet Explorer – Full Screen, Finding Files on Your Computer, Fathers Day; Online Dictionary, Printing Envelopes

6/13, Defrag, Outlook Express: Back Up Your Address Book, Change Default Font Size; Tips & Tricks:  Delete Multiple E-mails Quickly, Animals; Scambusters; Website Registration Log In Codes; Flag Day, Save and Save As

6/6, Printing Web Pages, Email: Plain Text vs. HTML; Tips & Tricks: Outlook Express; Change Case in Word, Ronald Reagan, Weather; Changing the Desktop Wallpaper; What is a Browser?

5/23, Persistent Cookie, Mouse Problems, Zipped Files; Browser Message: Downloading From Site; Tips & Tricks: Organizing Your Work Space; America Online: Open an New Email from Your Address Book, Return to Windows Classic; The Right Mouse Button, Book Reviews; Do It Yourself; Movies; Health, Fitness and Alternative Medicine; Computer Games; Memorial Day

5/16, PDF File, Arrange Desktop Icons, America Online Instant Messages; Change Mouse Pointer, May is National High Blood Pressure Education Month; News, Firewalls; Block Internet Pop Up Windows

5/9, Computer Freezes, Transferring Old Files to your New Computer;  Control Buttons , The Right Mouse Button, Mothers Day

5/2, Temporary Internet File, Reboot, Keyboard Shortcuts: Switch to Another Window; Keyboard Shortcuts: Move the Insertion Point, Display Outlook Express Contacts List, Cinco de Mayo

4/25, Print Website Address, Closing Windows – Some Options; Using Internet History; Saving Email, America Online – Change Password, Arbor Day; Japanese Zen Gardens; U.S. Blue Pages

4/18, Font, Email Address Book Groups, Forward Part of an Email Tips & Tricks: Keyboard Shortcuts: Internet Explorer ; Keyboard Shortcuts: Internet Explorer, Alphabetizing Email, Earth Day; Take Your Daughters and Sons to Work; The Caves of Lascaux; A Tale of Three Cities; Clockworks; The Paperboy

4/4, Save Email to Floppy Disk, Scanning Text Documents; Tips & Tricks:  Computer Dictionary; Tips & Tricks: Windows XP – Show the Date on the Taskbar; Tips & Tricks: Windows XP: Locate the Mouse Arrow Quickly Keyboard Shortcuts: Internet Explorer, Restore Outlook Express Contacts; Cookies, Holy Week; Passover; Happy Easter!

3/28, Identity Theft – Protect Yourself, Windows Updates; Keyboard Shortcut – Change to Double Spacing in Microsoft Word; AOL 9.0 Mail Quick View, Outlook: Setup Mail Auto Check Time; Print Folder Contents, April Fools Day; For the Kids – An Online Coloring Book; Federal Citizen Information Center; Aurora Borealis

3/21, Save Files on a CD, Scam Emails; Internet and Email Hoaxes; Make the Most of a Slow Internet Connection, Change Font Size in Outlook Express; Turn Off the Screen Saver, Pavement Art; Test Your Anatomical Knowledge; Hubble Photos; Calorie Burn Rate Calculator; Lowest Gasoline Prices

3/14, DLL File, Keep Your Computer Healthy, Accessibility Options in Windows XP;    Keyboard Shortcuts – Add a Web Page to Favorites, Window Will Not Open Maximized;  Backup Outlook Express Address Book, St. Patricks Day; The Merck Manual; Virtual Tours; Women First Health Care

3/7, Online Shorthand, Guarantees Against SPAM - Your Own Domain Name, Give Menu Commands without the Mouse;    Make that Laptop Battery Last, Microsoft Word – Insert Special Characters;  Remove Name from Email Address;  Erase Desktop Icons, Senior Health; International Women’s Day; Womens History Month; Dreams; Magazines Online

2/29, Temporary Internet Files, Temporary Internet Files, Error Message - Illegal Operation;    Change Web Page Font Size without a Scroll Mouse;    Alphabetize Favorites, Microsoft Word – Shrink to Fit;    Windows XP – Add Favorites to the Start Button Menu, Leap Year; Online Typing Test; Online Dictionary

2/22, Alphabetize Your Start Menu Programs, Ctrl Alt Del When the Keyboard Does Not Work;    Scroll to Change Web Page Font Size, Restore the Computer Clock, All Experts; Universal Currency Converter; Test your IQ online; Mardi Gras

2/15, Bookmarks in Microsoft Word, America Online - Problems in an Instant Message;    Spam Fighting Tip; Highlighting Text, Restore Volume Control Icon, Presidents Day

2/8, Remove Programs from Start Button Menu, Deleting Files and Folders;    Open Windows Explorer Quickly, Creating Icons; Lock the Taskbar, Happy Valentines Day; Abraham Lincoln

2/1, Start Menu – Documents, Increase Text Size of Start Menu Items     Find Your Windows Version, Display My Documents on Windows XP Desktop, February is African-American History Month; Check Your Hearing; Groundhog Day; Just For Fun – Arcade Games

1/25, The Quick Launch Toolbar, Windows XP:  Account Picture, Windows XP:  Pin to Start Menu, Kelley Blue Book; Translation Wizard

1/18, Copy Outlook Express Address Book to a New Computer, Shut Down, Leave on or Hibernate?;    Changing Filenames and Folder Names; Keyboard Shortcuts:  Using Program Menus without Using the Mouse ;  Solitaire Shortcuts, Martin Luther King, Jr.; Time Magazine Covers; Mars Exploration Rover Mission

1/11, Change Icon Spacing, Windows Updates;    Don't Unsubscribe from a Spammer's List;    Copy and Paste Keyboard Shortcuts;    Erase Text Quickly, Create a Desktop Icon for a Website, City Data; National Eye Care Month; Cold Weather Safety Precautions; Religious Freedom Day

1/4, Temporary Internet Files, Highlighting Text, Screensavers;    Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express - Compose Email in Word, Copy Internet Favorites to a New Computer, Put Another Nickel In, In The Nickelodeon; Radio Lovers; Etymology; Crafts

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