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Newsletter Index - 2003

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12/21, Cleaning Your Computer, High-Contrast Color Schemes; Change Web Page Text Size, Missing Computer Clock, HDD, Google News Alerts; International Snow Sculpture Championship; Ask Dr. Universe; BrainBoost, Celebrate the Holiday Season; Happy New Year!

12/14, Disable Call Waiting, Shut Down, Leave on or Hibernate? America Online – Check the Status of a Sent Email; Celebrate the Holiday Season, Power Save Settings, Landscape, Chanukkah; Boston Tea Party; Earth View from NASA; Just for Fun – Mr. Picasso Head; For the Kids – Online Christmas Games, Celebrate the Holiday Season

12/7, Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express, America Online Keyboard Shortcuts, Get to Your Desktop Quickly; More Room in Internet Explorer; Alphabetize Your Start Menu Programs, Outlook Express - Blocked Attachments , Bot, Pearl Harbor Day; National Poinsettia Day; Internet History; Paper Airplanes; World Almanac; Idioms, Celebrate the Holiday Season 

11/30, Computer Security, Getting Out of Trouble - Fixing a Frozen Computer, Speed Up Internet Explorer, Microsoft Outlook – Automatically Deleted Email; Windows Explorer, Spyware, Nostalgia Central; Cooking By Numbers; Newseum; Wheel of Fortune; How Far Is It?, Computer Dictionary; Celebrate the Holiday Season

11/23, Change Desktop Fonts, Copy a File into a New Folder; Keyboard Shortcuts - Quick Shutdown in Windows XP, Windows XP Inactive Icons, IP Address, Thanksgiving, Calorie Counter,

11/16, Ways to Delete Files or Folders, Desktop Icons – Windows XP; Keyboards Shortcuts:  Open and Use the Start Button Menu, Remove Programs from the Start Menu; Mouse Troubles, Byte, Kilobyte, Megabyte, Gigabyte, John F. Kennedy; The Great American Smokeout; Biorhythms; How Engines Work; Mickey Mouse’s Birthday,

11/9, Increase Text Size, Alphabetize Favorites in Internet Explorer; Keyboard Shortcuts, Drafts, Rulers; How Everyday Things Are Made; Veteran’s Day, Weather Report

11/2, Create Your Own Icons, Put a Picture on Your Desktop; Straighten Up Your Desktop, Using BCC, Alzheimer’s Awareness Month; Phone Dog,

10/26, Keep Copies of Emails, Microsoft Word:  Save All and Close All; Disabling Secure Mode Warnings in Internet Explorer, Metasearch Engine, Kartoo; Helicopter; Halloween, Just for Fun

10/19, Check Available Disk Space, Using Windows XP Guest Accounts; Adjust the Time on Your Computer’s Clock, Outlook Express:  Unblocking Blocked Senders; Remove Windows Sign On Screen, Garage Sales; Fall Foliage Reports,

10/12, Shutdown Icon, Removing Windows Components; Microsoft Outlook Troubles: Restore the Folder List; Restore the Address Book, Putting Deleted Programs Back in the Start Menu; America Online Mailbox – Keeping Old Emails, Boot, Columbus Day,

10/5, Anti-Virus Updates: Should I Download Them?, Correct Your Computer's Clock; Tips & Tricks: Quickly Close Multiple Programs, PDF Files, HTML, Yom Kippur; Bandwidth Meter; Space Invaders,

9/28, Burn Your Own CDs, The Windows Key; Tips and Tricks: Quickly Access a Web Page, Save Emails to Floppy Disks, Breast Cancer Awareness Month,

9/21, Show Desktop; Tips and Tricks Bookmark Quickly, Close Pop Up Windows; Switch From AOL to Outlook Express, Wallpaper, National Hispanic Heritage Month; Rosh Hashanah; American Business Women's Day,

9/14, The Difference Between Save and Save As, Minimize, Restore, Maximize;   Sizing Windows;  Moving Windows, QWERTY,

9/7, What to Do When Your Computer Freezes, Error Messages and Explanations; When The Mouse Freezes, Save Email To Disk, Freeze, National Grandparent’s Day; Cholesterol Education Month; Yoga Basics; Test Your Reflexes,

8/24, Computer Freezes, Copying Pictures from a Web Page; Blind Carbon Copy; Changing Your Screen Saver; Quickly Access the Desktop; Active vs. Inactive Windows, Restoring the Internet Explorer Toolbar; America Online - Screen Names and E-mail Addresses Explained, Write-Protect,

8/10, Spell Check Your E-mails; Keyboard Shortcut: Closing Windows; For the Left Handed; Keyboard Shortcut: Display the Context Menu, Delete Junk Email Quickly; Deleting Favorites, Elvis Presley; National Friendship Week,

8/3, Back Up Your Favorites in Internet Explorer, Quick Tips:  Internet Explorer Address Bar; Hanging Hourglass; Desktop Link to Website; Enlarge the Taskbar, Inkjet Printers: What are Photo Printers?, Root Directory , Forward Part of an Email

7/27, Remove Password Sign On Screen, Disable Call Waiting, Recover Files Deleted by Mistake, My Briefcase, World History, Stop Pop-Up Internet Advertising Windows

7/20, Right Mouse Button; Anatomy of a Window, Hiking, Biking and Kayaking on Long Island; National Hot Dog Day, Computer Terms Dictionary; Weather Report; Zipped Files; Clean Up Your Hard Disk

7/13, Updating Your Internet Browser Program, Power Source Problems, A Quick Way Home, Web Shortcuts, Web Site, Color Quiz; National Hot Dog Month; Top Ten Websites, Computer Terms Dictionary

7/6, All About Email; How Does E-mail Work?, Avoid Common E-mail Errors; Undeleting E-mail; Compose E-mail Offline; Downloading Email Attachments, Attaching Files, Emoticons, Forward Part of an Email; Email Hoaxes; Ways To Stop Or At Least Minimize Spam; Print Part of an Email

6/29, Files and Folders, Filenames;  Filing Tips; Creating Folders; Using Folders; Finding Files on Your Computer; How Do File Names Work?, File Extensions; File Associations, June and July are Fireworks Safety Months; The Dog Days of Summer; Independence Day, Backup Your Files

6/22, Installing Programs ; Installing From Disk;  Installing from Downloads; What Does Setup.exe Do?; Uninstalling Programs,  Viruses;  Zipped Files

6/15, Forwarding Attachments, Windows XP – Pin a Program to the Start Menu, Bookmarks and Favorites, Bandwidth, Father’s Day; Summer Solstice; Take your Dog to Work Day, How Do Search Engines Work?

6/8, Print Internet Favorites, Print a Picture; Tips and Tricks:  Adding Page Numbers; Tips and Tricks: Deleting Lots of E-Mail, Disk Size and Capacity, Rule, Saturday, June 14, is Flag Day; June is Adopt-a-Shelter-Cat Month; Learn to Juggle; The Museum of Unnatural Mystery; Find a Computer While Traveling, Printing Envelopes

6/1, Save vs. Save As, Blocked Attachments in Microsoft Outlook; Tips and Tricks:    Selecting Words, Erasing Personal Information, Contextual Menu, Scentburners; June is Zoo and Aquarium Month,

5/26, What to Do When Your Computer Freezes, Resizing Desktop Icons; Windows XP - Create your own Screen Saver Slideshow, Adjusting Mouse Click Speed, Default, Memorial Day, Weather Report

5/18, What Are Worms?; Who Runs the Internet?; Tips and Tricks: A Quick Way to Type a Web Address, Internet Cache, CD-ROM, Did You Know; Gardening; Long Island,

5/11, How Do I Attach a Picture to an Email? Is it Safe to Use My Credit Card to Shop on the Internet? How to I Forward an Email and Eliminate All Those Other Email Addresses? How Do I Print Part of an Email? Can I Stop All that Junk Email I Receive? How Can I Spot an Email Hoax?, , Mother’s Day,

5/4, Create a Desktop Shortcut for Your Favorite Program, Attention America Online Users; Moving Desktop Icons – Auto Arrange;  Avoid Junk Email, The Speaker Icon - Volume Control, E-mail Quoting, Skeeterbites; PTA Teacher Appreciation Week; Be Kind to Animals; Tribecca Film Festival,

4/27, Desktop on the Taskbar, Microsoft Outlook: Right-Click Tips, Interactive, Search Engine - Google Viewer; May Day; Older Americans Month, The Right Mouse Button

4/20, Avoiding Computer Crashes:  Some Things You Can Do, Restoring the Status Bar, MFP, Easter, Cookies

4/12, Deleting Cookies, Selecting Tabs in Dialog Boxes, Internet Explorer Address Bar, Palm Sunday; Income Tax Day; Passover; Holy Week, Your Local Weather

4/6, Backup/Save Files to a CD-ROM, Calculator, Turn Off Instant Messages, BIOS, Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Month, National Library Week; Useful Websites,

3/30, Microsoft Outlook Express - Tips and Tricks, Tips and Tricks:   The Mouse Wheel on Internet Explorer; Netscape Keyboard Shortcuts, Daemon, Palindromes; April Fool’s Day; Travel,

3/23, Internet Safety for Your Children and Grandchildren, Increase Text Size in Internet Explorer, Screen Shots, Calendar, Reminders,

3/16, Power Surge Protection, Deleting Favorites, Eliminate Internet Interruptions, WYSIWYG, St. Patrick’s Day, Print Only Part of a Page

3/9, Your Computer's Clock - Maintain Perfect Time, Active Window, Changing Your Screen Saver, Wait State, Get the Best Price; Eye Health and Safety Awareness Month; Yoga; Sewing, Anatomy of a Window

3/2, Eliminating Junk Email with Microsoft Outlook, Firewalls, Copying a Picture from a Web Page; Copying Files from Floppy Disk to Hard Disk, Digital Divide, Mardi Gras; International Women's Day; Women’s History
Month, Print Part of an Email

2/23, My Recent Documents, Receive Notification of Phone Calls While Online, Change the Mouse Buttons, Write-Protect, Movie Revues;Encyclopedia Britannica;Soccer Coaching;Internet Radio,

2/16, My Briefcase, Undeleting E-Mail, Deleting Lots of E-Mail; Selecting Multiple Objects, Undeleting Files, Forced Page Break, President’s Day; George Washington’s Birthday; February is Responsible Pet Owner Month; Stop Telemarketers; Brain Candy, Create and Save Your First Spreadsheet

2/9, Double-Click Problems, Back Up Your Most Recent Files;   Inserting a Picture into a Word Processing Document, Customizing Your Screensaver ; Virtual Memory, Sheet Feeder, Happy Valentine’s Day!; Abraham Lincoln’s Birthday, Stop Pop Up Advertising Windows on the Internet;   Beware of Email Hoaxes

2/2, Delete an Email Without Opening It / Deleting Multiple Emails at Once, Preview Pane in Outlook; Ways to Detect an Email Virus Hoax; Tips And Tricks: A Quick Way to Type a Web Address, Blocked Attachments in Outlook; Remove Sign On Password, Streaming Media, February is Black History Month; Groundhog Day; Coupon Codes for Online Shopping; Baseball, Forward Part of an Email

1/26, Ways to Select Text, Missing Icons in Windows XP, Computer Sounds, Multimedia, National Eye Care Month ; Plan Your Garden; Movie Guide; Academy of Family Physicians; Ballroom Dancing, Weather

1/19, Use Two Browser Windows At Once, Add an Email Account in AOL; Using Your Email Address Book, Silencing the Modem, Opt-in E-mail, Martin Luther King’s Birthday,

1/12, Check Email While Away From Home, Create a Shortcut to Turn Your Computer Off, Adding an Additional Computer with Internet Access, Killer App, Religious Freedom Day; Online Reference; Video CD DVD Help Online; Books Online, Did You Know?

1/5, Missing Taskbar/Customize Your Desktop, Change Your Windows XP Computer to the Old Windows Look; Do You Use Your Right Mouse Button?, Check Status of Sent Email, Dialog Box, The Internet's 20th Birthday; Wednesday is Elvis Presley’s Birthday: Practice Your Putting; NASA Flight Research Center, Weather

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