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Newsletter Index - 2002

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12/29, Clean Up Your Hard Disk, Paste, Adjusting Mouse Click Speed, Microsoft Word – Desktop Scraps:  Saving a Selection, Common Point Sizes – Keyboard Shortcuts; Freeing up Disk Space, Available Hard Disk Space; Fixing Monitor Black Outs, New Year's; Roller Coasters; America's Byways

12/22, Toggle, Startup Programs Automatically, Rules for Newbies, International Maps; Email Santa; Christmas and Kwanzaa Websites

12/15, Footer, Changing Window Size, Microsoft Word - Synonyms, Windows XP: Using the Classic Start Menu, Windows Explorer in Windows XP, Christmas; Kwanzaa; Boston Tea Party; Holiday Party Menus; Winter Solstice; Now I’ve Seen It All

12/8, CD-RW, Your Computer:  Turn it off or Leave it on?, Microsoft Word - Change Case, How to Buy a Laptop Computer, Change the Size of the Taskbar, Tuesday is Human Rights Day; Christmas Wish List; Holiday Webtender; Take a Typing Test Online; Check Your Email While Traveling

12/1, Email:  Downloading and Attaching Files, Metasearch Engine, Internet Explorer Keyboard Shortcuts, Microsoft Word Tip of the Day, Tips and Tricks:  Reload a Slow Web Page; Quick Copy and Paste; Internet Explorer - Rearranging Favorites; Internet Explorer - Set up a Home Page, Status Bar - Internet Explorer, Hanukkah; Rosa Parks; Old Farmer's Almanac; Internet and Computer Safety and Security

11/24, Clip Art, Stop Pop Up Advertising Windows When Surfing the Internet, Word Processing: Changing Paper Size and Direction, Addendum - November 17, 2002 Article on the Browser Links Bar Keyboard Shortcuts, Inkjet Printers: What are Photo Printers?, Going Home for the Holidays; Holiday Clipart; Thanksgiving.

11/17, ROM, Creating and Using the Links Bar in your Browser, Microsoft Word - Hidden Text, Should I Delete Cookies?, AOL: Switching Screen Names While You Are Still Online, Reminder Emails; Microsoft; Complaints; November is Peanut Butter Lovers Month

11/10, Root Directory, Changing Window Size, Tips and Tricks:  Selecting A Word; Replacing Text, Send To, November is Great American Smokeout Month;  Monday is Veteran's Day.

11/3, Pagination, Organizing Files and Folders, Microsoft Word:  Shrink to Fit, My Computer Vs. Windows Explorer, Restoring Accidentally Deleted Emails, Fun Websites to Visit with Your Children or Grandchildren; November is Alzheimer's Awareness Month

10/27, All About the Internet, Plug-In, Laptop Ergonomics, Tips and Tricks:  Reading the Name of a Program on the Taskbar; Forwarding E-mail; Open a New Browser Window; Quickly Close Pop Up
Windows, Checking the Status of Sent Email, Halloween

10/20, Typeface, Outlook Express Contacts, Ergonomics (Staying Healthy in Front of Your Computer)  Tips & Tricks:  Quick Select; Quick Enter Username and
Password, Checking America Online Email Away from Home, The News:  World News Network; News is Free; New York Times – Ask a Question.  Health Education Week.  October is National Pizza Month!

10/13, Software Piracy, Techniques for Better Internet Searches, Microsoft Word - Viewing Document Statistics, Set Up Your America Online Address Book, Reboot, October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month; Monday is Columbus Day.

10/6, Load, Prevent Pop-Up Browser Windows, Quick Tips:  Internet Explorer Address Bar; Hanging Hourglass; Desktop Link to Website; Enlarge the Taskbar, Cleaning your Computer, Fire Prevention Week; Adopt a Shelter Dog; Our Solar System:  Interactive Star Chart; NASA Photos of the World; Space Station Location, Space Station Sightings; Space.com; Your Weight on the Other Planets

9/29, All About eBay, Buffer, Drivers, Microsoft Word:  Columns, Email Netiquette, Controlling Sounds in Internet Explorer, October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month; Fall Foliage

9/22, Display Properties, Bookmarks, Create a Keyboard Shortcut to Programs, Microsoft Word - Alphabetizing By Last Name, Online Lingo, Is Online Purchasing Safe?, Banned Books Week; American Business Women’s Day; Volunteers; Statue of Liberty

9/15, Control Panel, Filenames, Back Up Your Microsoft Outlook Address Book, Microsoft Word - The Ruler, Call Waiting, Making Outlook Express the Default Email Program, Yom Kippur; Hispanic Heritage Month; September is National Cholesterol Education Month

9/8, Getting Help, Resolution, Back Up Your Favorites List In Internet Explorer, Copy Text from Your Email Program to Your Word Processing Program, Sign on Password Elimination, Setting Your Computer’s Clock, Britannica.com; Timelines of History; Science Master; Fossil Horses In Cyberspace; Biography of America

9/1, The Recycle Bin, Read Only, Inserting Email Addresses from the Address Book, Microsoft Word - Views, Current Hoaxes and Scams; Auto Responder in Microsoft Outlook, Read-Only Files, Labor Day; Rosh Hashanah; September is National Literacy Month

8/25, History of Computers, Slider Bar, Adding Icons to the Start Menu, Microsoft Word - Using the Word Toolbar, The AOL Instant Messenger Feature , Organize Favorites In Internet Explorer, Your Health, Part II:  Kids Health for Kids; MedicineNet;
Medline Plus; Quitnet

8/18, Scroll Mouse, Replacing Text Quickly, Microsoft Word - Bookmarks, Text Wrapping in Emails, Monitor Adjustments, Your Health, Part I:  Nutrition and Exercise; Fitness
Online; The Inner Body; KidsHealth for Parents

8/11, Page Up / Page Down, Starting Programs with Keyboard Shortcuts, Microsoft Word - Selecting an Entire Document, Caution - Another Email Virus, Finding Windows Explorer, Food and Drink:  Vegetarian Kitchen; The Lazy Gourmet;
Tastings; Kitchen Link; Food and Recipes of Ming Tsai

8/5, Backspace Key, Finding Button Names, Microsoft Word - Recently Used Menus, The jdbgmgr.exe Virus Hoax, The Windows Key, Riddlenut;  Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization;
Reelradio; Elvis Week; National Smile Week

7/28, Default, Double Click Problems, Word Processing - Increasing Font Size, Free Up Disk Space, Font Styles, BizReport; Crossword Solver; CopyKat.com; Currency Converter; TV Episode Guide

7/21, Undo, Getting Help In Dialog Boxes, Word Processing - Selecting Text, Printing Parts of this Newsletter; Error Messages: Illegal Operation and Blue Screen of Death; Hard Drive Failure, Weird Characters in Emails, Learn Another Language Online; Pick a Cell Phone Plan; Association of BellTel Retirees

7/14, Plug And Play, Error Messages and Explanations, Microsoft Word - Margins, Organize Favorites in Internet Explorer; Store America Online Password; , Shut Down Vs. Stand By, Lyme Disease Awareness Week; Within These Walls; Timelines Of History; JobStar Central Resumes Page; July is National Blueberry Month

7/7, Broadband, Controlling the Display of Toolbars, Microsoft Word - Format Painter, The Top Ten Worst Internet Hoaxes; Upgrading Software; Beware Afghanistan E-Mail Scam, Temporary Files and Gobbledegook, July is National Ice Cream Month; Dog Days of Summer;
Fun, Interesting and Educational Websites for Children and their Parents and Grandparents.

6/30, Accessibility Options, Internet Connection Tips: Getting Connected and Staying Connected, The Office Assistant, Closing Programs; Speeding Up Cursor Movement; Don't Work Off Floppies, Email: Cc and Bcc Carbon Copy and Blind Carbon Copy, 4th of July; Fireworks Safety Month; National Hotdog Month; World News Network

6/23, Hotlist, Power Protection, Microsoft Word - Clip Art, Alphabetize the Programs Menu; Installing New Components, Viruses, Baseball Hall of Fame; National Parks and Forests

6/16, Fonts, Ways To Stop Or At Least Minimize Spam, Microsoft Word - Mail Merge, Opening a Link in Another Window, Father's Day

6/2, Control Key Combination, What To Do When Your Computer Freezes, Ruler, Using Links, Adopt a Shelter Cat Month; Pets

5/26, Pixel, Cookies, Word Processing - Displaying the Status Bar, Preview Files As Thumbnails, Memorial Day

5/19, Crawler, Resizing Desktop Icons, Microsoft Word - Full-Screen, Transferring Old Files to your New Computer, Internet Radio, National Police Week; Donate a Phone; I Should Be Working

5/12, Title Bar, Using Credit Cards on the Internet, Adding a Box Around Selected Text, Find Old Friends Online; Another Email Hoax to Watch Out For, Netscape Navigator vs. Internet Explorer, Mother's Day

5/5, Uppercase and Lowercase, Straightening Up Your Desktop, Moving Text Using The Mouse, Customizing the Links Bar in Internet Explorer, Silence Your Modem, Cinco de Mayo

4/28, Web Site, Updating Your Internet Browser Program, Creating Lists, Power Source Problems, Web Shortcuts, Arbor Day

4/22, The Mouse, Keyboard Shortcuts, Hyphenation, Internet Shorthand, Modem Disconnects  , Learn Spanish Online;  Emails Translated Free

4/14, HTML, Closing Advertising Windows on the Internet, Page Orientation, Solitaire, Locking the Taskbar into Place, Income Tax Day

4/7, FAQ, Email Tip:  Don’t Forward Hoaxes, Find and Replace, Solitaire, Daylight Savings Time, Closing Menus, Daylight Savings Time, National Library Week, Egg Salad Week, National Garden Week

3/31, Easter Eggs, Windows XP - Create your own Screen Saver Slideshow, Dragging Text to Move or Copy, Removing Programs, Renaming A Document, Easter and April Fool's Day

3/24, Icon, Decreasing Junk Email, Headers And Footers, Changing Font Size in Your Browser, Removing the Password Sign on Box, Palm Sunday, Passover and American Chocolate Week

3/17, Upward Compatible, Search Engines, AutoComplete, Internet Cache, Viewing Pictures, St. Patrick's Day

3/11, Internet Cache, Alphabetizing a List, Understanding Views, Another Virus Hoax, PDF Files and Adobe Acrobat, Women's History Month

3/4, NIC card, Uninstalling Programs, Symbols, Letterhead in Laser Printers; Beware of Internet Hoaxes, Finding your Windows Version, Hollywood

2/25, Sound Recorder, Sending Links in Emails, Indenting a Paragraph, Keep Your Computer Cool, Viewing Hard to Read Websites, Black History Month, Read Across America Day, Responsible Pet Owner Month

2/17, Zip Drives and CD-ROM Drives, Changing Your Window Size, Creating A Numbered List, Internet Browser Tips, Error Message - Illegal Operation Has Occurred, Presidents’ Day, George Washington and Random Acts of Kindness week

2/10, Write Protect, Avoiding Internet Disconnects, Difference Between Save and Save As, Digital Camera Tip, Copy and Paste a Link to a Website, Chinese New Year and Valentine's Day

2/3, Clipboard, Saving Email To a Floppy, Page Numbers, Computer Safety Precautions, Password Elimination, Travel

1/27, Broadband Transmission, Websites Not Responding, Auto Correcting Partial Words, Timelines of History

1/20, Button Bar, Shortcuts and Hotkeys, Bullets and Numbering, Martin Luther King, Jr.

1/13, Screen Saver, Forwarding E-mail, Changing the Default Font in Word, Aerial Views

1/6, Attachment, Storage, Changing The Office Assistant, HerPlanet

Computer Kindergarten is a registered trademark of Sharper Training Solutions, Inc.  All rights reserved.  Use of the Computer Kindergarten name without express written permission from Sharper Training Solutions, Inc. is in violation of US Federal Trademark Laws.

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