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Newsletter Index - 2001

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This page is under construction.  Check back again to see older newsletters.  Thanks for your patience.

12/30, Spam, Eliminating Junk Email, Finding Lost Toolbars, New Year's

12/23, Hacker, Changing and Removing Computer Sounds, Gutter Margin, Christmas and Kwanzaa

12/16, Trojans and Macro Viruses, Removing Ad Windows on the Internet, Controlling Display Of The Scroll Bars, Hanukkah

12/9, Server, Bookmarks and Favorites, Address Labels for Holiday Cards, Quackwatch

12/2, System Tray, Personalize Your Internet Experience, Labels, Online Newspaper Directory

11/24, Flat Screen Monitor, Internet Errors, Tables, Stain Removal Guide/Fabric Link

11/18, World Wide Web, Finding Downloaded Files, Changing The Number Of Columns, Thanksgiving

11/11, Toolbar, Attaching a File to an Email, Single-Column Heading In A Multi-Column Document, NYC tourist

11/4, Worm, Search Engines, Changing The Number Of Columns, The CIA World Fact Book

10/29, Virus Hoax, Zipped Files, Adding Vertical Lines Between Columns, Bankrate.com

10/21, Mailbox, Crazy Browsers, Changing Column Width, New York Better Business Bureau

10/8, Download, Right Mouse Button, Copy and Paste, The Foliage Network / Leafpeepers.com

9/30, HTML, Shortcuts, Columns, movies.com

9/23, Block, Internet Connections, Move or Remove Toolbar Buttons, Bob Hope and American Variety

9/19, e-zine, Taskbar Troubles, Selecting A Group Of Words, techsupportalert.com

9/10, User Group, An Alternative to the Double-Click, Envelopes, lyrics.astraweb.com

9/1, Menu Line, Proper Shutdowns, Justification, Governments 50 greatest Endeavors

8/21, Freeze, When The Mouse Freezes, Fonts:  Quickly Changing Point Size, The Official US Time Clock

8/13, Home Page, What is a Browser?, Changing Font Size, Newsguard

8/5, Bookmark, Return To Your Favorite Websites, Font Terminology, Fast Food Facts.com

7/31, Code Red Internet Worm, Worms

7/30, Snail mail, Internet Explorer Links Bar, Justification, zagat.com

7/25, WAV files, Adding or Removing Sounds from Your Computer, AutoCorrect, The Merck Manual of Medical Information

7/19, Program, Changing Your Desktop Resolution, Spell Check, military.com

7/11, Default, Safe Shutdowns, Change Your Default Folder, Anybirthday

7/8, Website, Using CD-ROMs, Opening Files, Quoteland

7/3, Applet, Mouse Tips, Saving Files and Filenames, Happy Independence Day!

6/28, Multitasking, Virus Avoidance Quick Tips, Word Processing, Underwater Archaeology

6/24, Shareware, Stopping Spam, Create a Printer Shortcut, Song Lyrics

6/13, DOS, Are the Internet and the World Wide Web the Same Thing?, Take A Chance With Refills, The Oyez Project

6/9, Device Manager, Determining Your Serial Number, Photo Printers, Sun Protection.org

6/5, Active Window, Best Times for Web Surfing, Avoid Three-Color Printers, anywho.com

6/3, Select, Word Processing, Using a Specialized Photo Editing Program, Ehow

5/29, Pointing Device, Deleting Files From an Open Dialog Box, Adding a Printer, Gas Price Watch

5/26, Cache, Turning Off Animated Graphics And Sound, Printer Gibberish, Playsite

5/23, Pointers, Printing Envelopes, Printing Banners, JFK Tower

5/18, Read Only, Read Only Files, Sharpen Fuzzy Printing, Get It Write Online

5/15, Surge Suppressor, How to Buy a Surge Suppressor, Print Part of a Web Page, Playbill

5/11, BIOS, Keyboard Shortcuts, Printing Iron Ons, HiCitizen  hicitizen.com

5/8, Folders, How to Create A New Folder, Using Specialized Print Papers, Plants

5/4, Interface, Making Backup Copies in Microsoft Word, Print Faster, Encyclopedia Mythica

5/1, Protocol, Formatting Text, Cleaning Printer Rollers, Dr. Grammar

4/27, Firewall, Improve Your Internet Searches, Reverse Print Order, digitalcity.com

4/24, Network, Disk Cleanup, Printing Help Topics, findarticles.com

4/20, Command-Driven and Menu-Driven, Deleting Emails, Previewing and Printing Fonts, NASA's Visible Earth

4/17, Thumbnail, Emoticons and Cyberlingo, Print Multiple Photos on a Page, travelchums.com

4/13, Easter Eggs, Accessing Your Desktop Instantly, Specialty Print Papers, Marshmallow Peeps

4/11, URL, Recover Files From The Recycle Bin, Prevent Printer Misfeeds, IRS

4/9, Registry, How to Safely Remove Programs, Print a Color Document in Black and White, Rails to Trails

4/7, Beta Testing, Create An Emergency Boot Disk, Print Only Part of a Page, Historical Timelines

4/5, Defrag, Preventive Maintenance, Preview Your Document Before Printing, tripadvisor

4/2, EXE file, What is a Window?, Keep Dust Away from Your Printer, safeshopping

3/30, Spider, Contacting Customer Support, Restore Communication With Your Printer, Find-It! Consumer

3/28, Insertion Point, Checking Disk Space, Printing in Windows, allabouthome.com

3/26, Desktop, Deleting Files, Removing ink stains, globexplorer

3/23, Associate, Clean Up Temp Files, Printer drivers, coolsavings

3/21, Lurking, Graphical User Interface, Installing a New Printer, petswelcome

3/19, Scroll bar, Choosing an Insert Method for Pictures, Printer Costs After Purchase, unitedmedia comics

3/16, Footprint, Printing Part of a Worksheet in Excel, Little Printer Big Footprint, mapsonus

3/14, Drag and Drop, Applying Formatting To Words, Buying a Printer, manhattanaddress

3/12, USB, Create a New Email Desktop Shortcut, How a Printer Works, hilink.com.au/times

3/9, Serial Port, Compose E-mail Offline on America Online, Canceling a Print Job, howstuffworks.com

3/7, Parallel Port, Selecting A Paper Size in Microsoft Word, Checking the Print Queue, golfcourse.com

3/5, Crippled Version, Changing Page Margins, Understanding Printers, confluence.org

3/3, Web ring, Taskbar basics, imdb.com

3/2, Gravesite, Double-Spacing Your Document, Carfax.com

2/28, Device driver, Determining the Version of Your Software, Firstlook.com

2/26, Flame, Stop Internet Explorer from Clicking, phonetic.com

2/24, Bus, Copy and Paste Parts of a Document, christopherlowellpaint.com

2/23, Burn, Auto Fill Months in Excel, bhg.com/kpg

2/21, Mouse Trails, Saving a Web Page, spafinder.com

2/19, LAN, Use Full Screen for Browsing the Web, flightarrivals.com

2/16, Domain name, Forwarding email, Lookoff.com

2/14, Cyberspace, Moving and sizing windows, Hypnotika.com

2/10, http, Spell check, Etiquette.net

2/6, Insert and Overwrite, Files, Folders, Paths and Shortcuts, learningkingdom.com

2/4, Spam, Don't unsubscribe from junkmail, Astrocenter.com

2/2, File, Save password in AOL, Ezseek.com

2/1, Keyword, Dragging text in Word, Soyouwanna.com

1/30, Encryption, Safe shopping on the Internet, Amazon.com

1/27, Software, Increase size of the taskbar, Fool.com

1/24, Webmaster, Moving taskbar to bottom of screen, Dogpile.com

1/21, Search engine, How Internet search Engines Work, Allsearchengines.com

1/18, Dialog box, Setting Print Quality, Usps.com

1/14, Title bar, Taskbar Troubles (losing the start button), Classmates.com

1/13, Bookmark, Printing Envelopes in Word, Coolquiz.com

1/10, Hyperlink, Desktop Properties, Yahoo.com Finance/Quotes

1/7, Backward compatible, When websites don't load, Hoaxbusters.ciac.org

1/3, Cookie, Printing multiple copies, Edmunds.com

1/2,  mapquest.com; Cyberspace; Is it storage or is it memory?

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