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Welcome to this week's edition of the Computer Kindergarten Newsletter.
Today is Sunday, November 8, 2015

From all of us at Sharper Training Solutions, thank you to all who have served our country. Happy Veteran’s Day!

In this Issue:
Special Feature: Collection Agency Scams
Special Feature: How to Upgrade Your Mac to the Latest Operating System: El Capitan
Today's Topic: Windows 10 - Tips for Managing Multiple Windows
Special Feature: Personalize Siri
Websites of Interest: Veteran’s Day; Strange Laws of Long Island and New York State; Five Best Weather Web Sites; World Kindness Day; Thanksgiving Decorations


Special Feature: Collection Agency Scams

From scamguard.com

Some scammers are well aware that collection agencies have the right to contact consumers who owe money to them or companies they represent. Criminals involved with collection agency scams use this knowledge to their advantage to steal money.

Representing a fake collection agency, or even the United States Attorney General's office, scammers make cold calls to victims and threaten lawsuits or embarrassing on-the-job confrontations unless the victims start making payments. Sometimes, the scammers support their claims with real details about outstanding loans. This type of scam can go on for months. After repeated harassment, victims cave to demands and pay a fee. Sometime later, the scammers repeat the tactic with the same victims or sell or share the information to other scamming organizations who repeat the vicious cycle. Fee payment is also expected via non-returnable methods, such as Moneygram, Western Union, Vanilla and wire transfer.

Unless you have bad debt and owe money to collection agencies who have purchased it, block all collection calls. Additionally, if possible, report collection agency scammers to the appropriate government agency.


Special Feature: How to Upgrade Your Mac to the Latest Operating System: El Capitan

Mac OS X El Capitan, Apple's update to its OS X desktop operating system software, is now available - having launched to the public on September 30, 2015. In this article we explain how to download and install Mac OS X El Capitan on your Mac. We'll walk you through the install and update process, and guide you past the potential headaches and problems you may encounter. We also offer tips on the actions you should take to prepare your Mac for the OS X update, so you can spend some time making sure your Mac is ready for the new operating system.

Visit this link to watch the video and read the article:


Today's Topic: Windows 10 - Tips for Managing Multiple Windows

Windows 10 has features that make it easier to work with multiple windows at the same time.


Snap allows you to resize windows when you want to see two windows side by side. To do this, point to the window’s title bar (across the top of the window), and click and drag the window to the left or right until the mouse pointer reaches the edge of the screen, then release the mouse. The window will snap into place. To unsnap a window, click and drag the window down.


You can use Flip to switch between open windows. To do this, press and hold the Alt key on your keyboard, then press the Tab key. Continue pressing the Tab key until the desired window is selected.

Task View

The Task view feature is similar to Flip, but it works a bit differently. To open Task view, click the Task view button on the taskbar (just to the right of the Search the web and Windows box). Alternative, you can press Windows key+Tab on your keyboard. All of your open windows will appear, and you can click to choose any window you want.

Virtual Desktops

Instead of keeping everything open on the same desktop, you can move some of your windows to a virtual desktop to get them out of the way. This feature wasn't available in previous versions of Windows, and it's especially helpful for managing a lot of windows at the same time.

To create a new desktop, open Task view, then select New desktop near the bottom-right corner. Once you've created multiple desktops, you can use Task view to switch between them. You can also move windows between desktops. To do this, open Task view, then click and drag a window to the desired desktop.

To close a virtual desktop, open Task view and click the X in the upper-right corner of any desktop you want to close.

Showing the Desktop

If you have a lot of windows open at the same time, it can be difficult to see the desktop. When this happens, you can click the bottom-right corner of the taskbar to minimize all open windows. Just click it again to restore the minimized windows.


Special Feature: Personalize Siri

Siri is a built-in "intelligent assistant" that enables users of Apple iPhone 4S and later and newer iPad and iPod Touch devices to speak natural language voice commands in order to operate the mobile device and its apps.

To ask questions without pressing the Home button first, plug your device in to power and turn on "Hey Siri.” With iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus, you can use this feature without plugging in to power.

Go to Settings > General > Siri.
Turn on Allow "Hey Siri."

In iOS 9 or later, follow the onscreen prompts to make your voice more recognizable for "Hey Siri."* This lowers the chance that other people will accidentally activate Siri on your device.

You can turn off "Hey Siri" in Settings > General > Siri. In iOS 9 or later, you can also temporarily disable "Hey Siri" by setting your device face down.


Websites of Interest:

Veteran’s Day
Learn the history of the day and the event at these websites:

Strange Laws of Long Island and New York State

Five Best Weather Web Sites

World Kindness Day
Friday, November 13, is World Kindness Day. Learn more about it here.

Thanksgiving Decorations

Visit the Better Home and Gardens website for some Thanksgiving decorating ideas:

Here are some craft ideas for kids for decorating your home and table.